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Curious about Charm City Land Trusts’ membership? Read about some of our members’ experiences with housing and CLTs below:

Charlie Jones
The Institute for Community Economics was founded in 1967, and I knew about it within a few months. Like other “alternative institutions” founded in the 1960s, it had interesting ideas but few resources… >>>Read More

Beth Myers-Edwards
As an active resident of the McElderry Park community, I am proud to be a Board Member of the Charm City Land Trust, whose mission coincides with the written parks/open spaces and housing goals delineated in… >>>Read More

Ann Sackey 
Tilling the soil brings a peace to me that is calming. I like the smell of moist dirt, the silky feel of rich soil sifting through my fingers and even the trickles of sweat on my brow as the sun beats down on my face…>>>Read More