Why CLTs?

The CLT model of land development prioritizes the desires of community members while assuring that improvements made on CCLT-preserved land stay in the community for generations to come. Nationwide, CLTs have proven to be an effective strategy for providing new and sustainable housing opportunities to low-income residents, with high retention rates and extremely low incidents of foreclosure.

In Baltimore City, there is a housing affordability crisis. Tens of thousands of homes stand vacant in our communities. Many of them are uninhabitable. Many need substantial work. Access to equity for housing rehabilitation and purchase is crucial in our communities—particularly in communities of color that have experienced decades of dispossession and predatory real estate practices.

CCLT views the CLT model as a much-needed alternative to profit-driven forms of land development that thrive on speculation and unfair labor standards. These forms of land development proliferate in Baltimore City, whether it be through large capital ventures facilitated by tax breaks and incentives, or through market-driven real estate projects looking to make a quick buck. CCLT offers community residents an alternative to these forms of development by prioritizing community oversight, accountability, and transparency